An opportunity for youth and women with ideas pertaining to climate and health

Future uncertainty has increased as a result of climate change. As its effects worsen over time, one thing is certain: We shall leave the Earth to the children and youth of today and future generations. According to the United Nations, there are 1.8 billion young people in the globe between the ages of 10 and 24. Young people are becoming more aware of the hazards and difficulties posed by climate catastrophe and the possibility for sustainable development provided by a solution to the problem.

Due to this, youth and women have come up with excellent ideas and innovations for enhancing health systems and lowering emissions. Unfortunately, Some of these ideas never progress past the concept stage and fail to materialize. Most of these ideas need nurturing and guidance. They require knowledge from both entrepreneurial successes and mistakes. This is where the Raising Africa Voices competition comes in.

Raising Africa Voices is a competition for creative ideas in climate and health. The competition seeks to provide young people, particularly women, with a forum to display their solutions to a large audience while fusing climate and health-smart technologies, initiatives, interventions, and possibly research. The program aims to unleash the potential of African youth to tackle health and environmental problems, take action on climate change, and market their ideas.

The competition info session will take place on  24th August 2022.To participate follow this Link and register.

Submit your innovation or idea with an impact on the environment and human health to enter the competition. The submission deadline is on August 31, 2022. Ideas that meet the criteria for the competition will be chosen from all submissions. Your idea can be an innovation in food security, health or nutrition as long as it pertains to climate and health.

The project team will shortlist ten finalists who must have met the following criteria;

  • Be aged between 18-35 years.
  • Have a registered business that is operating in Africa
  • The business idea MUST have a forward-looking health and climate adaptation-based bankable business plan.
  • The company shows revenues generated over two years.

Three winners will be chosen from the ten finalists by a team of judges from various sectors. Each winner will get a conditional grant of up to 7,000 Euros, an opportunity to participate in COP27 in Egypt, a one-year incubation and acceleration program, and a chance to network.

The competition is devoted to promoting safe and healthy lifestyle choices to combat the damaging effects of global health systems on climate change. While accelerating the pace of research, development, and demonstration in areas where deployable climate mitigation and adaptation solutions are not yet available, the competition aims at increasing collaboration among entrepreneurs, innovators, engineers, health professionals, and researchers, which will play a critical role in providing solutions.

Not only young people are affected by climate change. They are also essential actors in the fight against climate change. They are innovators, business owners, and change agents. Young people are stepping up their efforts and leveraging their abilities to expedite climate action through education, science, or technology.

Amref Africa and KCIC Consulting Ltd. will be implementing the Raising African Voices competition.