KCIC Consulting joins the private sector to accelerate climate change adaptation efforts in Kenya

KCIC Consulting yesterday joined KEPSA to launch the Private Sector Strategy on Climate Change in Kenya. The Strategy has been developed as a national guide for the private sector to invest and implement climate change solutions at national and county levels in line with the reviewed Kenya’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC). The Strategy prioritizes private […]
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Registration for wood architect program open

The two-week Journey Program in Nairobi, Kenya from Oct 24th – Nov 4th, 2022, will offer young professionals, graduates, engineers and architects a chance to discuss how wood can build better, quicker, and with higher quality. Billed as an opportunity to connect with the ‘doers and thinkers’ in the world of timber, the program is open […]
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Timber buildings can shrink construction’s carbon footprint

Tall timber buildings, made entirely of mass timber (layers of wood bonded together) or steel-timber and timber-concrete hybrid construction, are gaining popularity worldwide. Every couple of months a yet taller timber building seems to pop up somewhere. Last month for instance, an Australian developer, Thrive Construct, announced the world’s tallest steel-timber hotel in the country. However, for […]
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Who is KCIC Consulting?

KCIC Consulting Limited (KCL) is a one-stop center for consulting services. KCL mainly offers a broad spectrum of consulting services to government institutions, Central and County governments, Corporations, International organizations, Small and Medium enterprises, national and international NGOs, etc.
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