David Smith

Development economist and a Founder of Triple Line Consulting, with 30 staff based in London. Was Executive Director of IPE Africa with responsibility for IPE operations in Africa 2015-17 with offices in Nairobi and Addis Ababa.

Experience in the design, review, evaluation and management of development assistance programmes for Government, International Agencies, Foundations and the private sector including business /investment plans for companies.

He has worked with a number of programmes to stimulate poverty reducing commercial activity and financial inclusion in developing countries including the Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund, the Enterprise Challenge Fund (Australia/Pacific); the MasterCard Foundation Fund for Rural Prosperity, and the Gates, Shell and Nike Foundations.

Value to KCL

  1. Private sector development
  2. M&E
  3. Training
  4. Research
  5. Grant and Fund
  6. Management

Other value addition

  1. Proposal writing
  2. Project delivery and QA
  3. Organization building
  4. Extensive FCDO experience
  5. BD – strategic associations

Board of Advisors