Neelima Grover

Neelima Grover is the CEO and Founder of The QED Group. She is passionate about bringing about transformational change (with a special focus on women and girls) through technology-driven and capacity-building of local organizations that serve their communities. She has dedicated her life to bringing about this change and believes that as a leader her role is to be a catalyst for growth. Under her leadership, QED has grown into an internationally renowned organization known for its work in monitoring and evaluation, performance management, and learning.
Since its founding, QED has monitored more than $4 billion in global programs in close to 100 countries and completed more than 1500 program evaluations for 27 clients.

A social scientist by training, Neelima is a strategic thinker, a thought leader, and an innovator who brings a passion and vision for exploring new solutions to improve the impact, efficiency, and reach of global development programs.

Neelima plays a key role in helping strategize on projects with a special focus on incorporating data use and technology. Neelima has received numerous awards and recognition in her professional career from organizations including News India, Entrepreneur Magazine, Brava Awards, Smart CEO, Moxie Award and has been featured in business leadership shows such as Executive Leaders Radio.

Neelima is also a member of the External Advisory Board for the Data Science & Analytics program at Georgetown University. She also serves as a Mentor for Girls in Technology in the DC metro region.

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