Development Communication Associate

Job Description

Position Title: Development Communication Associate
Type of Engagement: Full-time
Level: L2
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Reporting to: Development Communication Manager

Position Description: Development Communication Expert is a middle level position and reports to Dev. Comm Manager. The role is to deliver top-quality communications products and help build KCL’s profile in the international development sector. This is a cross-functional role and will work closely with projects and business development teams to support company growth through implementing a communication strategy aimed at positioning the company for business development. This position has scope to grow into an organisation leadership role in the career path progressively.

Key Responsibilities

Marketing and Communication Roles

  1. Develop and implement a communication strategy that includes media outreach and social media content creation.
  2. Convert complex research, data, project reports into clear, compelling stories.
  3. Write and publish communications materials such as press articles, brochures, slide presentations, event materials, newsletters, reports, briefs, infographics, and factsheets in clear and simple language.
  4. Identify the right audiences and make sure the articles and other communication material reach them.
  5. Review and edit all design materials prepared.
  6. Interact with our clients to create impact stories and promote them through various events and communication strategies.
  7. Research, write, and prepare video scripts.
  8. Work with key internal role-players to brainstorm content ideas, in line with the company’s strategy and in support of various brand initiatives.
  9. Support and evaluate results of communication campaigns with the team.
  10. Develop customised messages and marketing materials for clients and partners.
  11. Continuously update the website and prepare appropriate content including staff bios, blog posts, news announcements, new wins, project closures etc
  12. Review and manage communication materials such capability statements, brochures, newsletters, reports, and banners.
  13. Coordinate the implementation of development communication strategy for the company.
  14. Develop innovative brand positioning initiatives like events, partnerships, appearances, and projects
  15. Work with the communication team in developing custom content for the target audience.
  16. Write and publish projects related articles on national and international newspapers and blogs.

Business Development Support

  1. Edit and review proposals by providing editorial review.
  2. Working with the design team to create graphics and visuals for proposals.
  3. Attend meetings to identify opportunities for proposal writing.
  4. Maintaining consistency in proposal writing by following company policies and client requirements.
  5. Perform research and analysis on competitors’ communication and marketing strategy.
  6. Support in internal training of BD and communication teams on development communication mechanisms.
  7. Identifying and recommend emerging trends and providing inputs on business communication.


  1. Maintaining timesheets for activities and work done
  2. Monitoring and evaluation of communication and marketing activities
  3. Ensuring compliance of company policies.

Academic Qualification

  1. University Degree in Mass Communication, Public Relations, Journalism or communication sciences. Advanced qualification in Development Communication is an added advantage.
  2. Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office suite, Google platforms, publishing, and other online collaboration tools.

Work Experience

  1. Min. 5 years’ experience in the field of Development Communication.
  2. Experience of working in the consulting industry is preferred along with working on donor related projects.
  3. Strong capabilities in writing, research, planning and time management, and organisation with a problem-solving orientation.
  4. Ability to produce high quality products quickly and efficiently with outstanding writing and editing skills, attention to detail.
  5. Solid knowledge of web production, social media and multimedia tools;
    Excellent interpersonal communication and results-based programme implementation skills required;
  6. Strong communications approaches for planning, executing, and monitoring communications strategies.