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We are a member of the GRI Community and support the mission of GRI to empower decision-makers everywhere, through the GRI sustainability standards and multi-stakeholder network, to take action towards a more sustainable economy and world.

GRI Sustainability Training Course & Professional Certification program

GRI sustainability training course & professional certification program enables sustainability professionals to maintain, upskill and appraise their learning and be recognized for their knowledge of sustainability reporting through the GRI Standards. Become a GRI Certified Professional Today

KCIC Consulting (KCL) Sustainability Certification Program

We are offering 5 courses covering the fundamentals of GRI reporting. After the courses, we book a certification exam for you with the GRI team.

The GRI Professional Certification program

The GRI Professional Certification Program is a dynamic learning platform, within the GRI Academy, that offers professionals an opportunity for continuous learning and upskilling
It is designed to increase the understanding and implementation of the GRI Standards aiming at improving the quality of sustainability disclosures and reporting
The program entails 5 modules that cover the following topics; sustainable development, GRI standards, structure of the GRI standards, applying the reporting principles and finally, GRI report support which will include local case studies and exercises

Benefits of GRI Sustainability Certification Program

Helps you understand how to use the GRI standards for your sustainability reporting
Helps you understand the value of sustainability reporting and the various steps involved in the reporting process
After completing your course and having passed your exams, you will be given a certificate for GRI-certified sustainability professional
We will prepare you for future reporting cycles through continuous improvement principles
You will be able to understand, interpret and implement the GRI standards
Improve sustainability strategy and selection of performance indicators and targets
Improve sustainability performance

The GRI Certification course modules

Introduction to Sustainability Reporting & the GRI Standards: The course will introduce you to the sustainability reporting practice and to some key concepts of the GRI sustainability reporting standards
Stakeholder Engagement: The course will take you through the process of stakeholder engagement as prescribed by the GRI Standards. It will explore the relevant disclosures related to stakeholder engagement and provide some practical tips on approaching and engaging with stakeholders
Materiality: Provides a deeper understanding of the concept of Materiality (those topics that have a direct or indirect impact on an organization’s ability to create, preserve or erode economic, environmental, and social value for itself, its stakeholders, and society at large) within the context of the GRI Standards, and the knowledge of how to apply it as part of your sustainability reporting processes
Sustainability Reporting Process: The course provides a step-by-step approach to the reporting process
Integrating SDGs into Sustainability Reporting: Explores the global sustainability challenges that are addressed by the Global Goals and the business case for engaging with the SDGs. It will also delve into the role of sustainability reporting in enabling sustainable development; and, trends, challenges, and opportunities related to reporting on the SDGs
Certification Exam

Why Choose KCIC Consulting Limited as your GRI training partner

We are the only certified organization to train GRI in East Africa
Our GRI certification program will help your organization have a clear vision and strategy in sustainability
Our GRI content has a local context-Contextualization of content to reflect sustainability issues in Kenya
We will prepare you for future reporting cycles through continuous improvement principles
You will be able to identify, prioritize and communicate with your stakeholders
Streamline reporting process throughout your organization
Our GRI certified trainers will get prepared for future reporting cycles through continuous improvement principles
Our GRI course materials are contextualized to reflect sustainability issues in Kenya