Is Sustainability Reporting your career path?

KCIC Consulting has developed a Certificate in Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) course for people seeking to further themselves and their companies in the practice of sustainability reporting. 

“We are offering five courses covering the fundamentals of GRI reporting. After the courses, we book a certification exam for you with the GRI team,” says Prabhakar Vanam, the company CEO. 

Is this class right for me?

The variety of students in the GRI class is part of the value of the course. Whether you work for a nonprofit, are looking for more meaning in your career, or are building a Sustainability department in your company, you’ll find a place in the GRI Certification class. 

Some of our past students include senior leaders in Sustainability, employee engagement professionals, mid-career pivoting into Sustainability reporting roles, graduate students seeking to supplement their knowledge base, marketing and finance consultants who want to help their clients incorporate sustainability reporting, nonprofit professionals wanting a better understanding of their corporate partners, and more.

In the course, you will:

  • Understand how to use the GRI standards for your sustainability reporting
  • Understand the value of sustainability reporting and the various steps involved in the reporting process
  • Be prepared for future reporting cycles through continuous improvement principles.
  • Be able to understand, interpret and implement the GRI standards.
  • Improve sustainability strategy and selection of performance indicators and targets
  • Improve sustainability performance
  • After completing your course and passing your exams, you will get a certificate as a GRI-certified professional.

“I was thrilled with the range of information and depth of content coupled with the practical professional delivery. Moreover, the great networking opportunities with exceptional professionals across Africa were worth it for me. I couldn’t have asked for a more interesting, committed, and competent team to work with. “

– Somoye Otieno, Customer Relationship Manager, Miyonga Fresh Green Enterprise Limited. 

GRI Certification Course structure, Learning Environment, and Core Topics

The GRI course is collaborative, interpersonal, and experiential, with dialogue-based learning involving cohort members and subject matter experts. Through knowledgeable instructors and guest speakers, you’ll get practical, applicable best practices that can help you deliver maximum value back to your company, organization, and the communities you serve.

The program entails five modules that cover the following topics; sustainable development, GRI standards, the structure of the GRI standards, applying the reporting principles, and GRI report support, which will include local case studies and exercises. 

Certificate – Upon completing the program, KCL books a certification exam for you with the GRI Academy. Students receive a professional Certificate in Global Reporting Initiative from the GRI Academy. 

Instructors – The course has one instructor. Dr. Edward Mungai, a certified global sustainability leader, will lead the training. Dr. Mungai has deep expertise and practical experience in Sustainability reporting. 

Format – The course will be collaborative and experiential, with dialogue-based learning involving the instructor, cohort members, and Sustainability experts.

Tuition – The program fee is $ 500. 

Apply – Classes for the third cohort begin on June 27, 2022. Please fill out the interest form below to set up a telephone interview with the instructor. This interview will answer your questions and determine whether or not the course is a good fit for your background and needs.


Article written by Pamela Okutoyi