About the conveners

KCIC is a conglomerate of three institutions:

    1. Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC)
    2. Kenya Climate Ventures (KCV) 
    3. KCIC Consulting Ltd (KCL)

It is a premier climate adaptation and mitigation-focused organization, with over a decade’s wealth of experience in leading the climate adaptation discourse in Kenya and beyond. An astute in climate advocacy and policy development, climate communication and awareness creation, climate financing, and leading corporates, governments, and civil society to integrate climate action into strategic plans.

For over a century, The Standard Group has been home to content that drives agendas, content that resonates, content that entertains, and content that moves! Constantly innovating, it has moved beyond Print and Television, expanding its portfolio to include digital content, radio broadcast, and value-added digital and mobile services that enhance the audience’s experience by offering a wide range of content options and providing effective marketing solutions for businesses across the country. The company has committed to the growth of Kenya through investing in initiatives that address national and global issues like climate change. It recently launched the Planet Action multimedia advocacy initiative to sensitize and engage the public and stakeholders on climate action.