Platinum Partner Category

Platinum Partnership aligns your organization as a lead technical partner in more than one specific thematic area (s) of the J2C program. This provides exclusivity and targeted brand awareness around your campaign in regard to the theme of choice. Other values on J2C initiatives include:

1. Planet Action: By monthly feature on all the Planet Action multimedia platforms including magazine, TV, Radio, and Podcast.
2. Green Innovation Challenge: Representation in the TV series as a Jury
3. Green Investment Forum: Speaking slot during the dinner as thought leaders, and entry of up to 3 members at the dinner.
4. The 4CK-Conference: A Either keynote speech to 200+ corporate leaders in Kenya or representation in a panel session of choice, and a presentation on sustainability report or milestones to 200+ corporate leaders.
5. Brand presence:-Logo in promotional materials of all the J2C initiatives, online visibility through tagging and quoting representatives on captions and banners, and conspicuous positioning of the brand collateral during all physical events.