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Can sustainable marketing drive a sustainable transformation?

One of the immediate priorities for both business and society at large is the need for sustainable transformation. With climate change, overconsumption and the need to build back better - it is clear that organisations who do not have a solid sustainable development plan now risk consumers disengaging, employees leaving and investors refusing to invest.

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Africa Has a Climate Funding Shortfall

African countries have suffered some of the world’s heaviest burdens from the climate crisis, including heat waves, droughts, and floods. Those effects will undoubtedly worsen in the next decade

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How firms can turn climate change into bankable deals

In 2022, the African continent will be in the headline when it comes to matters of climate change. In November this year, the world will be gathering in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, to discuss and agree on how to curtail and, at the same time, adapt to climate change.

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Sustainable business practice: Are you doing your part?

What is a sustainable business practice? I’m sure many people if pressed, couldn’t quite put their finger on precisely what it means. While it’s undefined, there’s no dark art to it – it’s simply enhancing the way you generate revenue or manage costs – in a sustainability-related way

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Who is KCIC Consulting?

KCIC Consulting Limited (KCL) is a one-stop center for consulting services. KCL mainly offers a broad spectrum of consulting services to government institutions, Central and County governments, Corporations, International organizations, Small and Medium enterprises, national and international NGOs, etc.

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