Pamela Okutoyi

Pamela has been working in the environmental and sustainability space for the past three years as an EIA Associate, Sustainability Researcher and Writer.

She is passionate about helping companies implement sustainable business initiatives and also enjoys writing compelling reports and stories of organizations that aid to solve the climate crisis. 

With publications on a variety of outlets, she believes in the power of transforming societies as the key to achieving sustainable development. Previously, Pamela worked as an Environmental Officer intern at National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) covering Sustainability, Environmental Impact Assessment, and waste management. 

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Resource Management and believes that Education is an unending process.

She is a volunteer with the President’s Award Kenya. Pamela currently writes newsletters, magazines, newspaper articles, video documentary scripts, and social media copies.

She is also a prolific host and moderator for webinars on sustainability.

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