Regina Komi

Regina Komi is an innovative, self-driven individual with an educational background in communication majoring in Electronic Media from Daystar University.

She has a passion for media and film and her greatest desire is to have a positive impact on society using this. She has managed to apply her filming and media skills by being a videographer for Africa Sustainability Matters and KCIC Consulting Ltd (KCL) and by creating visual content for these organizations and more than 100 of their clients.

As a skilled professional with more than three years of experience leading production projects from pre-production to post-production, she is positioned to leverage her technical and leadership talents and make a significant impact in any project she undertakes.

Her background includes identifying clients’ communication requirements, filming, directing and editing video content, and photography.

She always ensures the highest-quality final products are delivered for every production. When not working, Regina will be seen trying out new graphics and upcoming editing software and/or capturing creative videos.

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