Registration for wood architect program open

The two-week Journey Program in Nairobi, Kenya from Oct 24th – Nov 4th, 2022, will offer young professionals, graduates, engineers and architects a chance to discuss how wood can build better, quicker, and with higher quality.

Billed as an opportunity to connect with the ‘doers and thinkers’ in the world of timber, the program is open to all interested in this pragmatic solution to the climate challenge.

During the two weeks, a range of industry experts, developers, architects and engineers will discuss the environmental and economic benefits building with timber stands to offer Africa.

Sponsored by Good Energies Foundation through Climate KIC and implemented by KCIC Consulting, the Journey aims to change the narrative around timber and to break the cycle of skepticism around wood as a desirable and safe construction material in sub-Saharan Africa.

Commenting on the launch, Silvia Doglioni, Strategic Programs Builder at Climate KIC, said: “As the world hits record temperatures, it is now more important than ever that we tackle carbon emissions from our built environment. Wood is a natural, cost-effective, and sustainable carbon-capture solution that can enable substantial decarbonisation of the built environment based on existing business models and proven technology.

KCIC Consulting CEO, Prabhakar Vanam, added: “Timber has the potential to offer an effective, high quality, low-carbon solution to both residential and commercial construction in East Africa. With timber frame manufacturing, there already exists a mainstream and intelligent way to build in a climate crisis – and one which we should employ more widely.”

The Journey will present participants with skills training and tools to transform the engineering systems through contextualized and experiential learning and prototyping.

The workshop will feature architects and varied expert speakers tackling timber as a construction material, carbon monitoring, the wider timber industry, cultural challenges and good practices. Information will be delivered in forms of workshops and presentations. Site visits are also planned to a prototype Cross Laminated Timber house built by BuildX and potentially a local plantation as well.

Most afternoons, participants will be invited to work in teams (of 4-6 people) to design and prototype practical and sustainable solutions to the Wood Architect Rockstars Journey Challenge. All participating teams will have an opportunity to present their innovations during the final networking event on 4th November. Prizes will be given for the most innovative, practical, impactful and considered responses to the Journey Challenge.

Participants’ eligibility criteria

  1. Master or Ph.D. students, entrepreneurs, or young professionals in the field of architecture, design, engineering, social science, construction, and policy.
  2. Citizen or permanent resident of an eligible sub-Saharan African country.
  3. Passionate about climate change action. – Interested in the field of use of timber in construction
  4. Good team player, and Initiative-taker.
  5. Proficient level of English (B2 equivalent).
  6. Available to take part during the two-week Journey as a full-time program: Oct 24th – Nov 4th, 2022.
  7. Active participation in the Journey program.
  8. Available to fully cover the travel costs to and from Nairobi. Accommodation and meals will be provided for all the journey participants from 23rd Oct to 4th Nov 2022.

If this sounds like you, please register here to join the Journey. Deadline for application is 25th September 2022.

Accommodation and meals will be provided for all participants.

This article is written by Pamela Okutoyi, a development communication expert and climate action enthusiast