Sustainability Advisory

The public and private sectors in the world face significant challenges related to population growth, resource demands and constraints, and extreme weather events that impact the resiliency and sustainability of our communities.

As a result, organizations are balancing their interests and the appropriate channels for managing emerging sustainability challenges. Companies also have to meet stakeholder expectations and increasingly stringent legislation.

At KCL, we are committed to assisting our clients in identifying opportunities to enhance their sustainable impact, improve brand image, increase market share, multiply revenues while reducing costs, and forge authentic relationships with their stakeholders. 

Our team of sustainability experts will take you through aspects, risks, and opportunities of sustainability; strategy development and support on implementation; reporting; analyses (due diligence, ROI); application of standards and training.

Our Services

Our sustainability professionals provide clients with a comprehensive range of tailored end-to-end sustainability integration solutions that help organizations and businesses tackle climate change. We assist by developing strategies that boost sustainable development, embrace clean energy technologies, transition to a circular economy, innovate around their products/services processes, accelerate access to sustainable finance and streamline supply chains. By providing these services, we support clients to embark on a journey that embeds sustainability for the long term.

Services include:-

Strategy Development & Implementation Support

  1. Sustainability Strategy
  2. ESG Integration Strategy
  3. Net-zero Commitments and Roadmaps
  4. Circular Economy Strategy
  5. Supply and Value Chain Strategy

Reporting & Measurement

  1. Sustainability Reporting
  2. ESG Reporting
  3. Data Management & Assurance
  4. Outcome Measurement

Sustainable Finance

  1. Sustainable Finance Products – Bonds, Sustainability-Linked Loans, Insurance, etc.
  2. Frameworks & Policy
  3. Development Carbon Trading

Climate Change Advisory

  1. NDC Implementation
  2. GHG Accounting
  3. Measurement, Reporting & Verification (MRV)
  4. Climate Change Policy Development

How can we help?

Did you know that your internal employee initiatives and communities count as sustainability practices too? Do you communicate on those initiatives?

Are you looking to reduce your costs by optimizing your energy and water consumption? Or exploring renewable energy technologies?

Do you have an overall sustainability change that positions your business for climate change risks and opportunities?

Have you considered relevant product and services opportunities to generate additional revenue and access new markets?

Do you know how much carbon your business contributes to the environment?

Do you have the environmental and social regulations that risk to impact your business?

Have you assessed where raw material resource shortages are likely to prove most critical in your business supply chain?

Work Collaborations

Addressing sustainability solutions incorporates various moving pieces that demand stakeholder engagement, policy guidelines, resource utilization, and multidisciplinary as well as multilateral approaches. Through our existing strategic relationships, we have contributed insights to strengthen efforts and accelerate progress on emerging environmental, social, technological, and economic challenges across Africa. We continue to collaborate with a number of initiatives, associations, organisations, and forums that focus on the role of innovation and business practices in achieving sustainability.